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DNA double helix
Genetics and genomics graphic concept { © Gregory Spencer - iStockphoto }
Genome exhibition at the Geneva University Medical School { UNIGE - Jacques Erard }
Mitosis phases (+ cytokinesis) of the eukaryotic cell { Mariana Ruiz Villarreal - Wikimedia }
Protein synthesis through mRNA translation { Mariana Ruiz Villarreal - Wikimedia }
Sciences III main entrance
Karyotype of human male Klinefelter syndrome { Darryl Leja - NHGRI }
4 different Jmol display modes for the DNA polymerase III alpha-subunit (PDB ID 3e0d)
Geneva University Hospital esplanade { UNIGE - Jacques Erard }
Genomics keyword cloud
Drosophila ovariole (confocal microscopy - 400x) { Ting Xie - Small World Nikon }
Sciences II main hall { UNIGE - Jacques Erard }

Welcome to the iGE3 website !

iGE3, the Institute of Genetics and Genomics of Geneva, is a dynamic structure of the University of Geneva to promote research and teaching related to the human and other genomes. Our ambition is to understand life in the light of the structure, variation and function of genomes, and to contribute to the promotion of health based on the studies of the various human genomes.

Stylianos E. Antonarakis, Director


  1. Life Sciences Seminar Series

    Imaging phagocytosis: receptors, signal transduction and the cytoskeleton Prof. Sergio Grinstein The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute – Toronto, Canada Tuesday, April 21, 2015 – 16 h 15 Sciences II – Auditorium A100...


  1. Conférence-débat: Parent d’un enfant pas comme les autres

    Conférences Grand Public de la Faculté de Médecine Parent d’un enfant pas comme les autres: retard mental, autisme, polyhandicap… Conférence-débat public avec le Prof. Stephan Eliez, Département de Psychiatrie, Université de Genève et Office Médico-Pédagogique, Etat de Genève, et Sara Moon Howe, réalisatrice, animé par Florence Farion, journaliste RTS....


  1. Light microscopy course

    Microscopy and imaging Bioimaging Center of the Science Faculty Monday, April 27 – Thursday, April 30, 2015 Bioimaging Center Sciences II – Room 245, 2nd floor The course is directed to those interested in microscopy and especially to current and future users of the Bioimaging Center....


Portrait de Evgeny Zdobnov