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DNA double helix
Genetics and genomics graphic concept { © Gregory Spencer - iStockphoto }
Genome exhibition at the Geneva University Medical School { UNIGE - Jacques Erard }
Mitosis phases (+ cytokinesis) of the eukaryotic cell { Mariana Ruiz Villarreal - Wikimedia }
Protein synthesis through mRNA translation { Mariana Ruiz Villarreal - Wikimedia }
Sciences III main entrance
Karyotype of human male Klinefelter syndrome { Darryl Leja - NHGRI }
4 different Jmol display modes for the DNA polymerase III alpha-subunit (PDB ID 3e0d)
Geneva University Hospital esplanade { UNIGE - Jacques Erard }
Genomics keyword cloud
Drosophila ovariole (confocal microscopy - 400x) { Ting Xie - Small World Nikon }
Sciences II main hall { UNIGE - Jacques Erard }

Welcome to the iGE3 website !

iGE3, the Institute of Genetics and Genomics of Geneva, is a dynamic structure of the University of Geneva to promote research and teaching related to the human and other genomes. Our ambition is to understand life in the light of the structure, variation and function of genomes, and to contribute to the promotion of health based on the studies of the various human genomes.

Stylianos E. Antonarakis, Director

iGE3 News

Florian Steiner portrait
  1. New iGE3 member – Florian Steiner

    We are pleased to welcome Prof. Florian Steiner as a new faculty member of the iGE3. Florian Steiner is an assistant professor at the Department of Molecular Biology of the Faculty of Science....

Soirée publique

  1. Soirée publique: Découvrir la tomate !

    Nouvelle soirée publique du Bioscope ! La tomate: découvrez les secrets de sa reproduction, visualisez son ADN, dégustez ses variétés et décodez l’origine de cette diversité. Passez à la loupe cette plante tant appréciée lors de la prochaine soirée publique du Bioscope, qui aura lieu le jeudi 26 mai 2016 de 18 h à 20 h,...


  1. Life Sciences Seminar Series

    Proteostasis in aging and disease Prof. Rick Morimoto Department of Molecular Biosciences, Rice Institute for Biomedical Research Northwestern University – Evanston, USA Tuesday, May 31, 2016 – 16 h 15 Sciences II – Auditorium A100...