Who we are

Mission of iGE3

The mission of the Institute of Genetics and Genomics of Geneva (iGE3) is to promote internationally competitive biomedical research and high quality teaching by using primarily genetic and genomic scientific analysis.

The iGE3 is interdisciplinary since its members cover a wide spectrum of expertise from medical sciences to modal organisms and biodiversity and the ethical, social, legal and financial aspects of the genomics research.

The iGE3 is interdepartmental and thus brings together scientists and technical expertise from diverse departments of the University of Geneva. The iGE3 is cooperative and complementary to other genetic and genomics structures of the lemanic region and beyond.

The specific goals of iGE3 regarding the biomedical research activities are:

  • research on human genetics and genomics,
  • research on the genomics and health,
  • fundamental research in the genetics and development of model organisms and the biodiversity,
  • genomics research on evolution and human history,
  • ethical, social, legal, financial and educational issues around the genome.

The specific goals of iGE3 regarding teaching are:

  • genetics/genomics in UNIGE,
  • master’s degree in genetic/genomic sciences,
  • participation in the PhD programs of the University of Geneva,
  • continuation of the PhD program created by the former NCCR Frontiers in Genetics and expansion of its specificities towards genomic sciences.

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