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Feeding the microbiota - Prebiotics and probiotics

Nutrition and Microbiota - 7th Symposium GE-VD

This yearly symposium aims at highlighting the impact of nutrition on microbiota and the subsequent potential for prevention and treatment of diseases. Mounting evidence implicates the microbiota of the digestive tract in the development and progression of diseases. Thus, there is a growing interest to modulate the microbiota to improve health state. It is recognized that the microbiota of each person is different; part of theses differences are related to food intake.

This 2022 edition will summarize the impact of oral intakes, whether nutrition, nutritional compounds or probiotics, in health and disease. The symposium will take place virtually on Thursday, February 10, 2022, from 13 h to 17 h 15.

  • Registration is free but mandatory.
  • Organisation: Jacques Schrenzel & Laurence Genton Graf