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Friedrich Miescher Award to Paul Guichard

Paul Guichard receives the Friedrich Miescher Award 2022

Portrait of Paul Guichard

Paul Guichard, professor at the Department of Cell Biology of the Science Faculty of the UNIGE, and iGE3 member, will be awarded the Friedrich Miescher Award 2022 for his work on the structural mechanisms governing centriole assembly.

In order to directly visualise the molecular nature of the centriole at the nanoscale, he developed a new protocol to study the cellular architecture with a molecular resolution called Ultrastructure Expansion Microscopy (U-ExM). Thanks to this method, his group is now able to reveal the molecular nature of the architectural elements of the centriole and other organelles with an unprecedented resolution.

The award lecture will take place on February 18, 2022 during the LS2 Annual Meeting.