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Examples of experimental costs

Following are listed some examples of experimental costs. These costs are indicative only. Costs may vary depending on change.

Quotes are available upon request.
Classical library preparation (RNA-, DNA- or ChIP-seq) 320 CHF
RNA-seq library with ribo-depletion 420 CHF
1 HiSeq sequencing lane – single read 100 n (= 200 M of reads) 1,200 CHF
1 HiSeq sequencing lane – paired-end read 100 n (= 400 M of reads) 2,000 CHF
1 MiSeq sequencing lane – paired-end read 300 n (= 20-25 M of reads) 1,950 CHF
Fractions of lane are also available.
1 human exome sample – 50 x coverage 1,200 CHF
Quotes are available upon request.
Affymetrix costs for gene expression analysis
Gene array (Human, Mouse, Rat, Arabidopsis) 765 CHF
Clariom S array 300 CHF
Drosophila genome array 835 CHF
Illumina costs for genotyping and methylation analysis
Human OmniExpress array 320 CHF
Human methylation 450K array 355 CHF
Costs decrease in case of large series of samples.
Quotes are available upon request.
Codeset cost depends on the number of interrogated genes and samples to be analyzed.
The larger is the codeset, the most attractive is the cost per sample.
Classical codeset size (100 genes – 48 samples) 9,120 CHF
Cost per sample for 100 genes analyzed 190 CHF
Quotes are available upon request.
Costs of 384-well plates are calculated depending on the number of used wells.
1 full 384 well-plate (primers and probes costs not included) 300 CHF
Primers and probes can be purchased by the users or by the Platform.
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